Work Hard, Play Hard and Drink Martha's Chard

A self-made icon, Martha is all about putting in the work and getting things done. But in her world, all work with no play is just not an option. At the end of your next long week, take a page from Martha’s book and have a few friends over to crack open a bottle of her Chard and chill out.

Before you hit the group chat with the invite, make sure you know how to host a Martha-approved gathering. Here are a few tips from the domestic goddess herself.

Martha's Chard

No rules are the best rules—especially when it comes to wine

There’s no correct way to serve Martha’s Chard or any other beverage. Martha herself adds ice to her wine to cool it down and stretch it out. While some wine snobs might turn up their noses at this, she knows it’s all about making the drink work for you, not the other way around.

Give your guests plenty of options when it comes to beverages. Maybe you want to add in some mixers to create a Chard spritz or get specialty ice trays to drink it Martha’s way with a twist. Don’t hold back, and remember, there are no rules.

Set the Mood

The certified hostess with the mostess knows a thing or two about getting the vibe right at a party. So, first things first, the playlist. Consider setting a theme or dialing in on a certain energy. Maybe your gathering is a pregame for festivities to come and you need something hype to keep the energy up. Or maybe you're in the mood for some throwbacks. Whatever it is, make sure your speakers are ready and the volume is up.

Snacks on Snacks on Snacks

No matter how casual, no gathering is complete without snacks and Martha created her Chard to be particularly food-friendly. To create dishes that don’t add too much work to your playtime embrace things you can make ahead and don’t be afraid to add in some store-bought items.

For example, marinated artichokes and a store-bought pesto will seriously elevate a cheeseboard without adding extra work. Or grab a pack of Naan and your favorite shredded cheeses and vegetables. On the day, you can easily put these items together and pop them in the oven for an easy but crowd-pleasing snack.

No matter what you choose, embrace Martha’s spirit by just letting loose and having a good time. You deserve it after all that hard work. 

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Martha Stewart holding Martha's Chardonnay